Become a Recurring Donor and we’ll match you with an individual student

How many doors has your education opened for you?

Help us keep doors open and ensuring the success and academic stamina of the next generation by contributing to the Primary or Secondary education of a student.

Sponsorship Details

Once your details are confirmed, within a few weeks you’ll receive a match containing a picture, a profile of the student(s) you are helping sponsor, and information on their current studies.

2-3 times a year, you’ll receive a letter from your student, and have the opportunity to respond.

Your contributions are tax deductible, and you may cancel or adjust your donation at any time.

Primary School

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Primary School includes students aged 3-15, and is of paramount importance to the future of a child. These students come from families in villages like Buyenje, Kiteza, and Kawaku. By alleviating the burden of school fees, families can stay completely focused on their businesses and savings, and worry less about their children’s future.

At $10 a month, you guarantee a Primary Student can attend school year round and without interruption. This covers all costs including tuition, uniforms, school fees, and supplies.

Secondary School

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Secondary School is the bridge between Primary School and University. For many students, this is one of the most important periods of time in their adolescence, that can have a major impact on the course of the rest of their lives.

At $20 a month, you can cover all costs to attend Secondary School for a student, including tuition, uniforms, school fees, and supplies.