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Primary & Secondary School Sponsorships


Since our inception, we’ve prided ourselves on being an organization that answers to the needs of the people we work with - and that is exactly how the idea for a student sponsorship was hatched.

At a site visit in March 2018, we interviewed families to ask about their goals and ambitions, and also to see what they saw as their biggest challenges, in the hopes that we could figure out a solution together. The answer we kept hearing over and over again was “I want to ensure a better future for my children”

We’ve teamed up with Robert and Vivian Dibya of Lugacraft Uganda to begin a sponsorship program in 3 small villages in central Uganda.

Lugacraft will be handling all communications with our students and their families, as well as facilitating the dispersion of funds.

Since 2010, Lugacraft has been performing outreach in these communities, teaching life changing skills such as basic savings and family planning.