Our Vision

Our Vision is a World full of Quality Opportunity


We're all created equal by birth.

We are born to mothers and fathers. We feel instinctual bonds to our parents. We socialize with others. We feel a plethora of emotions, including love, happiness, sadness and fear. We learn to communicate and tell stories. We learn how to take care of ourselves. And on a long enough timeline, our heart stops beating.

Where all humans start and where they finish are exactly the same, yet what happens to us in between can be a vastly different experience depending on where and to whom you're born. While all of us are created equally, some of us, paradoxically, rise to be more equal than others.

Imagine for a moment how different your life could be if you were born into a different situation. Imagine your community if it lacked access to the basic financial tools that grease the wheels of human economy. Imagine your career prospects if you potentially lacked access to rudimentary education (or at least the resources to improve your knowledge should you seek them) or networking capability. Imagine your personal or family life if you lacked access to basic family planning services that allow you to make healthy choices for your own body and for your family. If the many institutions you take for granted ceased to be within your grasp, you wouldn't be any different than you are now; you would just be on the other side of the Opportunity Gap.

Imagine the hurdles you would need to overcome to achieve the same level you're at now. While nearly nothing is impossible, suffice it to say that the odds are stacked overwhelmingly against you. For hundreds of millions of people worldwide, this isn't a hypothetical situation.

At It Takes A Village, our vision is a world of limitless possibility for anyone born into it, and we believe it is within reach.

Since 1990, 1.1 billion people have lifted themselves out of extreme poverty (as defined by living on less than $1.90 per day), thanks to globalization, gains in equality, lowered trade barriers, and better access to financial and family planning services. However, there remain an estimated 767 million people struggling to carve out an existence. In the majority of cases, lack of access to many of these basic tools are the only barriers in the way.

We’re here to help close this gap.

By offering access to 0% interest financing to create and scale meaningful businesses within communities, we’re ensuring organic and sustainable development at a local level that will remain in place long after we’re gone.

By sponsoring students to guarantee access to primary education, we’re relieving one of the largest financial burdens parents must face, while ensuring that future generations have the chance to attain a level of education their parents could only dream of.

By educating the public on the many inequities and traps that ensnare those born poor, we can snow the world the true brilliance of their character, the ingenuity of their ideas, and the resilience of their minds and bodies.

We believe that the fundamental right to choose your own path in life is within reach for every citizen of the world when very basic needs are met and others believe in you.


Greg Ux
Founder, President